Ziehm Mobile C-Arms

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Ziehm are a German company and are one of the largest sellers of Mobile C-Arms in the world. As Ziehm only produce Mobile C-Arms they are constantly improving their products. This constant improvement has made them by far the technological leaders in the field. As a consequence they have won many awards for their innovation and design including the prestigious Frost & Sullivan award.

Some advantages of the Ziehm system:-

  • Small footprint - takes up far less room in the theatre;
  • ODDC - Excellent image quality with lowest dose possible;
  • Liquid cooling - System will never overheat in even the longest procedures;
  • Smart Eye - Monitor and touch screen on the c-arm, similar to an ipad, makes using the system a pleasure;
  • Flat Panel option;
  • 3D option.

Plus much more.